Appropriately Festive

lace dress $30 - ASOS /  green bag $20 - Urban Outfitters / chain ankle strap flats - Gap / leggings, scarf $6 - H&M

Minutes before I left for work I pulled on my black opaque tights to find not one, but two holes. How did they get there? Why did I only pack one pair of black tights? Where did I leave my travel mug full of coffee? I had a lot of questions. In my moment of desperation I put on my black leggings instead and was plagued all evening by a case of chilly ankles. After I took these photos I decided that maybe wearing footless leggings along with ankle strap shoes also didn't do much for my legs. But hey, life is one big learning experience, isn't it? But don't worry, I bought new tights today and won't be making this mistake again.

This is also the only time of year when I can wear this dress and carry this bag and not feel inappropriately festive. I carry this satchel as my everyday bag, and the couple of times I wore this dress it wasn't until I received some questioning looks from some fellow Starbucks patrons that I realized I was sporting the traditional colors of Christmas decorations. I'm milking this week for all it's worth. 


  1. Aww..I'm sorry you got runs in your tights! I hate when that happens. Although I have been seeing some girls cut their tights off to make them into socks. Interesting. :) Love your lace dress and the little ankle cuffs from the shoes! <3


  2. You look adorable! I still want to get some red lace into my closet... somehow I'm still not bold enough to don Christmas colors although it's still the week of the holiday.