Friday DIY: Handmade Cards

For the past couple of years I've been handing out handmade, personalized Christmas cards along with each gift I've given. Most of all it's fun, but making cards can also be more cost-efficient (and they look better than those template cards you can print out from Publisher!)

I can never formulate a clever enough phrase or witty saying like the cards you find in Hallmark. Instead I like to use one of my favorite elements, typography, and spell out the recipient's name on the front of the card. I also prefer writing my own messages rather than just tagging a "Best wishes!" onto some filler copy.
 This card is my favorite so far! Bonus points to anyone who gets my "CARDIS" joke. 

Most of the letter I used are based off of fonts I found on DaFont, the most useful website ever. Once in a while I'll drip some paint or smudge something by accident, being my clumsy self, in which case I'll try to cleverly incorporate it into the card's design.

What I used:
- colored cardstock
- pencil and ruler (always sketch first!)
- acrylic paint
- metallic paint pens
- Elmer's glue
- glitter
- ribbons, twine, and bows

1 comment:

  1. these cards are so beautiful! i feel like home made cards are the best. xx sylvie