Usually I wear skirts. Sometimes I wear shorts, but most of the time I wear dresses and skirts. It's a personal preference mostly: skirts are easy to wear at my natural waist and over tights. I found these mid-rise shorts at the mall and decided to give shorts a go for a change. Jean shorts area summer staple and always have been but I've decided to set aside my frayed and washed-out cut-offs for this more polished pair. I liked the bright blue wash and I went all-out nautical, I even liberated this pair of bright red leather loafers from my mother's closet. 

I found this coral-shaped pendant in the bead section of the craft store and loved the interesting shape and bright color. It reminds me of this coral ring from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It came in a package with three identical pieces so I made another pendant using two of them, thought I'm not sure which one I like more.

I met with a client today to talk about dogsitting her Labrador Retrievers but I didn't expect them to be the size of small bears...they're HUGE! So I'm exhausted and ready to spend my Saturday being a total bum and watching every episode of Weeds on Netflix. Best wishes for your upcoming weekend!


  1. yayyy strappy tshirts and loafers = the winning combo! i love it :)

  2. OH! Those shorts..are the perfect denim short. The colour and fit. I wish I had a pair like that x