"How do you feel about vandalism?"

On Friday my friend and I took advantage of a perfect afternoon and ventured into the city. We both go to university in different parts of Philadelphia and have been missing it substantially since we've been home on summer break and decided it was due time to pay it a visit.

We walked about Washington Square park and the lawns around Independence Hall, relishing the beautiful day and trying to get as many photos of the likeness of history's favorite ladies' man, Benjamin Franklin. I know I've mentioned before how I feel having my camera out encourages strangers to converse with me, and today was no different. A totally unfamiliar man kept telling us how and where we could snap photos in front of a museum! Maybe we just looked like clueless tourists.

We caught a matinee showing of Beginners at the Ritz 5 theater down on Walnut. Ewan McGregor was flawless (as always). It was a bit heartbreaking, but in a hopeful way; I think the most enjoyable films are ones that are capable of evoking an emotional response or reaction. For dinner we walked down Sansom Sreet to the get pizza at SLiCE, in its Rittenhouse location. Their margherita pizza is the best I've ever tasted, the basil was so fresh and the crust was really crispy, I could go on and on. Afterwards, we made our way back to Old City to visit some shops and galleries that were open for First Friday. But now my tired feet and aching knees, which haven't done this much walking for several months, are telling me to call it a night. I hope your Friday went just as well! 

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