Delicately Hazy

Last week I received a question on my tumblr asking for my styling advice on how to wear a sheer navy blouse from H&M. Lo and behold, what would I find on the H&M sale rack later that week but the perfect navy blouse? I'm usually a little wary about anonymous questions; I've received my fair share of both mean and bizarre messages, but this anonymous user only had kind things to say. Most of all I was excited to see that someone had found this blog through my other. I have a link to Coloured Theory posted in my "about" section and I've posted my photos from here once or twice, but since I never directly addressed the existence of my personal style blog I assumed the tumblr community had no idea it existed. So than you, anon, for you lovely complements. I hope I was helpful!

I wore this to work on Wednesday and so I paired the blouse with a solid black camisole and high-waisted skirt. If I was going somewhere more casual, either out with friends or maybe just running errands, I would wear my black bandeau with high-rise jeans instead. My mom pointed out that my outfit didn't look very "bright," I guess navy and black outfits are more characteristic of colder seasons. Her comment sent the wheels in my head turning, and now I'm searching for a yellow or gold patterned skirt that will brighten this blue a little more.

I'm also completely enamored with this shade of seafoam green nail polish from Essie's "Brazilliant" collection. It's called Absolutely Shore, and depending on the light it changes from a soft green to pale blue or even a dove gray. 

Looking at these photos now, I think I may have unintentionally given my hair an ombre color effect as I'm letting the color grow out. Or maybe it just looks like I have massive roots.


  1. Nice post. And <3 the photos on your blog :)

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  2. I love your photos :)
    You have a very good style ;)
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