Just My Luck

I remember last July when dresses with cut-out backs caught my eye. I knew I wanted one, but I couldn't find one that I absolutely loved, though I remember very clearly stalking several floral ones from Topshop on eBay. Most of them were out of my price range and I had given up for the most part. Then this little floral number, hailing from the 90's, crossed my path. What was even better than the print, which is reminiscent of a grandmother curtains (my favorite!), was the $10 price tag. The only gripe I have with this dress is that it's just too short. Don't you hate when that happens? The first time I wore it during a trip to the beach and it didn't fair well against the relentless ocean breeze. Tucking it into a skirt seems to be the only solution. Either way it was a lucky find. And my luck continues, because judging by the sound of raindrops on my window and the soft thunder I heard while I was outside, it appears as though I've narrowly avoided getting caught in a storm.

Floral dress -  Vintage, Buffalo Exchange; $10
Mauve skirt - Forever 21; $16
Tan leather belt - Vintage
Bow flats - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters
Rose ring - Charlotte Russe; $4


  1. the dress is stunning, I know how you feel with too short dresses, it is pretty frustrating. It looks great paired with the skirt though. <3

  2. This is such a very lovely outfit with great shots too!!! you look sweet!

  3. Love this outfit, the dress is truly beautiful and the pairing with the skirt is perfect.


  4. nice outfit :) I like that it's very inexpensive.

  5. Thanks, Jazzy E! I've actually just peeked into your Etsy shop and I really really love the crystal rings you have up!

  6. :) Very sweet. (comment overload for you) You have a very quiet face...I dont know if you are quiet but you look it <3