Cropped Blue

I bought this crop top from H&M in early spring, thinking I would wear it with my high-rise jeans, but when I put them on together I looked like a giant blue crayon! I spent a couple of months wishing I had picked it in another color until I realized even though I didn't have any other pants to pair it with I didn't have to wear it in a stomach-bearing fashion: I could layer it instead. And that's exactly what I did. 

Even though it was boiling outside and the temperatures weren't suited for even the lightest layers, I spent my Monday off from work watching old Reese Witherspoon movies on VHS with a great friend and feeding my newly acquired addiction to margherita pizza. I haven't had time to write a post or edit my photos until today. Now that I have a little downtime I'm going to try and make some skirts out of the fabric I bought last week and watch some more episodes of Weeds on Netflix. Oh believe me, my life is exactly as exciting and action-packed as it sounds.

Cropped blue tee - H&M; $5
Red floral dress - Alloy; $20
Navy blue Vans
Brown leather belt

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