Floral dress (Express/altered) $4 - Salvation Army; black leggings $6 - H&M; black sheer cardigan $10 - Urban Outfitters; black wedge boots $7 - eBay

The romper I wore last week has been transformed...into a dress! It's not a huge difference, but I like the way the skirt falls much more than the shorts. The length falls right past my finger tips, so maybe if I'm feeling brave, especially with the wind that tends to blow off of the river back in University City, so I might be able to wear it without leggings or tights (just a pair of bike shorts to be safe!).  The rain that has been passing through since yesterday has really cooled everything down. I ran outside when I thought the showers had let up, but the sun shining through the clouds was totally misleading and in a minute or two I found myself caught in a sunshower. This sheer jacket was perfect, because once I got outside I realized a cardigan would have been too warm. I had forgotten I owned it, but it's great for the in-between weather Philadelphia always experiences in the beginning of fall. These ankle boots, with their little wedge heel, will be great when it rains, because my flats always get soaked through. It's funny that I'm already thinking about dressing for fall, because I know that when autumn arrives the only think I'll be thinking about is summer.

Speaking of fall, I was reading through the Free People blog last night and happened upon a posting for a Fall Visual Merchandising Internship. I sat up immediately, especially since most of the application deadlines were dated for the beginning of July. I sent in my resume anyway, and this afternoon received a response email that told me they would hold onto my file until they started accepting applicants for winter. I'm crossing my fingers!

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