From Nowhere to Somewhere

Dress $6 - Love21 (altered); belt - vintage; geode ring $5 - H&M; triple buckle flats $20 - Urban Outfitters
"Oh, you look nice. Where are you going?"

Four day until I'm outta here. You can bet I'm counting down the hours. I'm trying my best to be as minimal a packer as possible, though I expect what is minimal to me is excessive to just about everyone else. I could have spent the day in my awesome concert tee (it says "Peter Bjorn and John T-Shirt" ) but I wanted to show my recently altered dress. The sleeves were strangely constructed to begin with, one was too tight and the seam on the other was coming undone, so I did what any reasonable person would have done: ripped them off! No, I didn't really. Just some artful snips with my shears. It will go nicely under jackets and cardigans now without that awkward bunching around the shoulders. 

I have quite a bit on my plate this week, not only packing for school but editing photos to send to my school's newspaper and the bands' PR reps. I've been getting by with a 30-day free trial of Adobe Lightroom but sooner or later I'll have to shell out for the Creative Suite, especially consider my area of study. That shouldn't be a huge problem because this year I'm determined to find a job. In case my store can't transfer me to a location in the city, I picked up several applications while I was shopping on Walnut yesterday from the likes of J. Crew and Anthropologie. I'm drooling just thinking about the employee discounts.

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