Making the Cut

Vintage floral Express romper $4 - Salvation Army; brown purse $5 - Target; vintage belt; rose ring $4 - Charlotte Russe
To cut the shorts, or not to cut the shorts? When I picked this printed number out of the rack I first assumed it was a dress, but when I got into the fitting room a pair of shorts on the bottom surprised me instead. I don't necessarily mind rompers, I have another great vintage one that I love to wear in the summer, but I'll never not love the movement of certain swingy skirts. I've made similar alterations in the past and turned a romper into a dress, the only hesitation I had with this piece was whether or not it would be too short. In the worse case senario, I determined, I would have to find a similar navy fabric to add onto the hem, which I don't believe would look bad at all. What is convincing me more and more to make the cut as I look through these photos to post is that the shorts aren't as loose as I thought they would be. If they gave more of an illusion of a skirt I would have kept them as-is. I feel like I'm putting too much thought and energy into such a trivial matter. So that's it! I'm cutting the shorts. I'm off to find my sewing kit before I change my mind. Again.

Tea and store-bought scones helped raise me out of my funk that matched this morning's gloomy weather. It has also been confirmed that one of my concert photos is going to be published in my University's paper. Then the PR manager for the headlining band asked if I would give them rights to two photos of their choosing in exchange for credit. Of course that all applies only if some of my photos turn out, but I'm hoping for the best. I feel so credible! I'm almost a bonafide photographer.

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