Walking Billboard

I didn't get dressed this morning intending to be a walking Madewell billboard, but that's exactly what happened - maybe I can add that to my resume when I apply to the new Madewell store that opens on Walnut Street next month. I'm still living a life plagued by jetlag, so I was up bright and early just as the sun was rising and was out of the house to run errands. I'm hunting for the perfect set of picture frames to hold print of the photos I took this summer and so I hit every thrift store I could think of. It was cold enough for tights which kind of bummed me out, even though I shed them shortly after leaving the house.

I feel like I missed the gradual transition of summer to fall that we're fortunate enough to experience on the East coast. On the last leg of my Europe trip we jumped from warm and sunny Prague to cool and cloudy Amsterdam, back to a summer-like week in Paris, then to a rainy and cold London. It was so cold in the UK I ended up having to buy a new jacket in Zara to make walking around in the rain more bearable, a compromise I was willing to deal with. Now I have less than a week before I move into my new apartment, to enjoy what's officially left of the summer season, and relish not living out a suitcase.

Chambray shirt, striped skirt, Lovelock satchel - Madewell
Ankle boots - Old Navy
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs

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