DIY Terrariums

Does the internet need another DIY tutorial on how to make terrariums? No. Will I make one anyway? Of course. I'm still overcoming a serious case of jet lag that knocks me out at 9 every night and wakes me up at the crack of 6 AM. In a desperate attempt to make use of the early hours I would have rather spent asleep, I've embarked on a terrarium-making spree.

You'll need:

  • glass containers
  • small stones
  • cactus soil or potting soil
  • a spoon
  • newspaper to cover your work area
  • succulents or cacti

I found two of my glass containers at the craft store and two at the thrift store, and none of them cost more than a couple of dollars.

Start with a layer of small rocks on the bottom - this will provide proper drainage for your plants. Fill the next layer with just enough soil to cover the roots of your plants. Once they're in place, fill the area around them with some more soil and pack it down.

If your terrariums have lids, you should also sprinkle a handful of activated charcoal between the stones and soil to absorb extra moisture.

That's it! It's certainly not rocket science, and I've heard that succulents are pretty resilient plants. Hopefully these will survive once they're moved into my new apartment at the end of week.

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  1. So cute! Terrariums are great =]