snakeskin envelope clutch - $3; vintage Coach leather loafers - $5; brown blazer - $2
On Friday I found myself with an entirely free afternoon and the urge to wander. I wanted to go somewhere, to just take a walk through a quiet neighborhood on a quiet afternoon. I've had the busiest two weeks, with midterm exams and assignment due dates trickling in, meetings with advisers, minors to apply for, store visits to document...I actually missed an appointment I had with my Art History professor to discuss the largest project of the term. Oops. In the midst of writing up several papers last week I also forgot to send out emails regarding photo passes for an upcoming concert, but luckily enough I found a way on one band's list. I've also been taken on as a photographer for my university's newspaper and really excited for the opportunity to build my photo resume! What I'm even more excited about is an amazing vintage buying internship opportunity that has come my way through a very kind classmate. I had never planned on taking the buyer route, mostly because it never interested me, but vintage buying sounds like it would be amazing! Like professional thrifting! 

My most recent thrift store finds are possible some of my all-time favorites. Just imagine my expression when I spotted the Coach label in these leather loafers. My jaw hit the ground. They're marked half a size smaller than I normally wear, but I tried them on and they fit! It's a vintage miracle! With a little bit of polish they'll look as good as new. I came across this blazer which kind of reminds of what professors are always shown wearing in film and on television (most of my professors wear polos or graphic t's, but maybe that's just because I'm in the design school). I put it on with the button-down shirt I was already wearing that day and I felt rather academic. Had the strap on my vintage leather satchel not broken I would have had a head-to-toe professor inspired look. 

I can't wait to enjoy this weekend and do absolutely nothing

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