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Striped tee $12 - Kmart; patterned skirt - DIY; jeweled necklace $4 - Kohl's; belt from dress; green satchel $20 - Urban Outfitters; wedge ankle boots $7 - eBay
I found this post saved in my drafts from about a month ago. I appeared to have forgotten about it, so here it is now!:

There is a stream running through my backyard, and that's not an exaggeration. A steady flow runs across my back porch, and down the driveway. The curb on the street where I park my car looks like a miniature Niagara falls. All of this had made it basically impossible to wear anything other than my trusty wedge ankle boots. I'm predicting they'll be a staple during fall, I'd love to wear them with a pair of brightly colored scrunched-up socks.

I've also noticed this skirt is in need of some further alteration. It was originally the bottom half of a vintage dress that had belonged to my grandmother. I chopped off the top right above the elastic waistline, thinking that it would save me having to re-sew the waist. But after several washes the raw edge started to fray and I had to replace the elastic anyway, and in the end I lost almost 2 inches. At least I know I'll have time to re-do it before I move back to school. I've never felt so bored. I always thought I had tons of hobbies, but with my brother having to car at either work or school all day, myself having no hours at work, and all of my friends away at school already, I feel like I have nothing to do! As much as I love reading I can only tolerate so much of it at once; several hours a day appears to be my limit. I can't get to the park to shoot photos with my camera without a car either. This constant rain has been keeping me inside all day anyway, and I've been banned from playing my ukulele during certain hours when everyone is home. I've also watched almost all five season of How I Met Your Mother so far this week. If that isn't a sign of my desperation, I don't know what is. 

I feel you, Sherlock, I really do.

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  1. Love this outfit! Perfect pattern and stripe combo.
    Sophie x