Ivy Green

Leopard scarf $4 - flea market; gray cardigan $16 Forever21; black knit maxi dress $20 - H&M; green satchel $20 - Urban Outfitters; gray suede dessert boots $20 - Target
Last weekend I had no plans. I predicted I would spend it on my couch, with my computer on my lap catching up on episodes of Park & Recreation. But one thing led to another and I decided to just go with the flow. To celebrate one of my suitemate's birthday, we all went down to an Indian buffet for a delicious (and ridiculously inexpensive) lunch. Later my friend and I used our retail class assignment as an excuse to shop the fall sales, which led us down to Chinatown where we picked up some fresh fruit, bubble tea, and sweet pork buns. We met up with a couple more friends for dinner at a noodle house later that night. It was a super low key day, but perhaps I enjoyed it so much because I thought I wouldn't be doing anything at all!

I was abnormally warm for mid-September, like Summer's last hurrah. It was too warm to even wear my cardigan in the sun and my friend thought I was nuts for wearing a long dress and a scarf. I had picked up this leopard print scarf at the flea market the weekend prior. I remember being a little obsessed with everything and anything leopard when I was in fourth grade and it tends to induce a bit of sweet nostalgia. I'm glad to see it popping up more often as the season goes on, especially in accessories. Though I feel like it's such a classic print. Will little leopard flats ever go out of style?

Frozen bubble tea, admittedly not the best, but still yummy

Kung-fu fighting with silly graffiti in Chinatown

Thanks for taking my outfit photos, Shannon!

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  1. I love it when days unravel in that way. Yours seems like a lot of fun. Plus the bubble tea! And I agree that the frozen bubble tea isn't the best. I like it iced without the milk powder:)