Playing for an Audience of One

It's almost the end of March and subsequently the end of my spring break. I'm not a winter person, and if I had it my way it would be 80 degrees and summery year-round; I guess that means I'm not a spring person either. But my point is that it's much too late in the year for it to be so cold outside! 40 degrees? I mean really.

Yesterday I went outlet shopping with my mom and found this lace-embellished shirt at Banana Republic. It's almost exactly the same as one I've seen in H&M, one that was sold out before I made my mind up to get it. This skirt used to be mid-calf length, but I hemmed it over the summer and have been wearing it non-stop. My new brown sandals are really comfortable and easy to walk in, too. I'll be easing out my winter boots as we move into the month of April; I think socks or tights with open-toed sandals are perfect for the in-between temps that come with spring. Though tonight I'll most likely don my boots before I venture into the city for a concert.
Oh, that's right! I'm seeing my favorite band play the Trocadero this evening. The show came at sort of an inconvenient time. I'm actually going by myself, just me and my camera and my new 35mm low-light lens. My friends that I usually go to concerts with are home on break until this weekend, and the show was sold out before I could find anyone else to go with. As if that would keep me from missing Cold War Kids play live!

White lace tee - Banana Republic Outlet
Floral skirt - thrifted/altered
Red Hue tights - Marshall's
Brown braided sandals -  Ross

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  1. This is such an adorable outfit! I suppose by now you've gone to the concert, but I hope you had fun.

    Thanks for the camera advice... it's just taking the plunge, you know?