Dutch Tilt

Today I went back to the art supply store, but this time to get supplies for my drawing class. We happened upon this little alleyway between Chestnut and Sansom streets with adorably decorated poles; how cute! My friend Ayanna helped me take outfit shots today, and appropriately enough she had her first digital photography class yesterday afternoon. She was telling me about the Dutch Tilt as she ran around me in circles and crouched and jumped; it was pretty intense and some passerby stopped to watch the "professionals" (ha!) at work.

I ordered this dress back in January thinking that it would be great to throw on when the weather warms up, but I felt bad just leaving it sit in my closet for another couple of months. At first I wanted to wear gray tights, but the day was gloomy and cloudy enough as it was. I decided to bring a little "pop" to this gray day with this great pair of royal blue tights. It seemed like everyone had something to say about them, mostly strangers I passed by as I walked between classes. Note to self: bright tights = great conversation starter

Dress - Forever 21, $16
Belt - vintage
Tights -  Kohl's, $3
Boots -  Bass, $40
Scarf - DIY


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  2. Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog :) You are so sweet..
    I absolutely adore this blazer of yours :) Its so wonderful :) I like the style of the pictures too!! Thats so neat you got your photography friend to photo you in the awesome alley xx

  3. like your style and tights are lovely:)
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