This past week has been eventful, but for all of the wrong reasons! I won't get into the nitty-gritty, but one of those reasons would be that I dropped my laptop last Saturday. I know that sounds bad, but it wasn't dropped as in slipped-from-my-hands dropped; in an emotionally overwhelming moment of despair, I tripped the cord and sent my poor Pearl Pink computer plummeting to the tile floor. It landed with a frightening crunch and when I opened the lid I found that the LCD screen was covered with erroneous black sickle shapes. It time to invest in some new technology anyway, and even though my mom wasn't willing to shell out for my expensive dream computer (Macs, anyone?), she was gracious enough to send me a new laptop in order to register for classes on time.

On the other hand, this vest didn't cost me anything more than five minutes of my time. It used to be a kid's denim jacket with a big mud stain on the sleeve, courtesy of my little brother, that was sitting in the garage waiting to be sold at a yard sale. It was too small for me to wear with the sleeves on it, I think it was a kid's size 8, so I just chopped them off and made myself a vest! I layered it with a lot of sun dresses during the summer instead of cardigans. I found this golden cross pendant at a flea market last summer, too. I love the way the turquoise beads contrast with the ornate gold color of the pendant. I think it's a great statement piece, and I can throw in on with just about anything when I don't have time to put a lot of thought into my choice of accessories. But I'm hoping that if everything goes my way I'll have more time to laze around in the mornings before class, put together decent outfits, and maybe have some coffee, too, before I rush to my classes that ideally don't start until past noon. I'll let you know if it all works out!

And a quick shout-out and thank-you to Samara who helped me take pictures today! Isn't the dove print on her sweater great?

Black ruffle dress - Gap
Red tights - Hue
DIY denim vest - Gap Kids
Black Boots - Bass
Necklace - flea market


    Haha we should do that thing that other blogs do where they have the same item and style them differently :)

  2. YES. WE COULD TOTALLY DO THAT. Did I tell you I found a beige blouse with Shannon at the Salvation Army in Center City? It looks just like the one I mailed you