Away At Sea

My new remote made an accidental appearance

What I like most about wearing nautical -inspired outfits like this is that it's easy to look put-together and still feel comfy. I feel it's the accessories, like a braided rope belt and loafers, that make an everyday striped tee and red skirt look like they belong together.

My skirt is a knit that feels almost like a sweatshirt material, and I always feel more comfortable in tights than I do in pants. This skirt actually was part of an empire waist dress until last night: I was editing my closet, trying to decide what to take home and leave there for good, and I came across this red dress. I had only worn it once several months ago and then it proceeded to shrink to an indecent length after I washed it. I thought, if only the skirt sat at my natural waist, it would be long enough to wear out. Then I had one of those moments where a light bulb went off, and so I went at it with scissors and am pleased with the results! The best part was that no extra sewing or stitching was required, because the waistband had a finished seam on top already and I just trimmed off the extra bits. It was an awkwardly made dress anyway, I mean, who in the world could comfortably use pockets that are at an empire waist?

My gear: school bag, cargo jacket, and tripod

I found this brick wall-enclosed area behind my dorm building. Some grass lines one side of the sidewalk with some little bushes on the other side. It's generally free of pedestrian traffic, so maybe this will be my go-to spot when I'm left to take my own pictures.

P.S.Is anyone else counting down the days until spring? The spring equinox is on March 20, only twelve days away!

Navy striped tee -  Gap
Red skirt -  DIY
Gray tights - DKNY
Brown loafters - Payless
Braided belt -  Forever 21
Pocket watch necklace - Gift

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  1. Ah, your skirt is so good - can't believe it was originally a dress! I definitely need to go through my closet and see if there's anything I can edit.

    And believe me - I'm horribly excited for spring! I've been counting down since mid-January.