US*U.S. Boutique

On a beautiful day earlier this week, when the weather felt nothing like it should in early December, I made my way down the Philadelphia-based designer co-op US*U.S. Boutique. Located on North 4th Street next to a firehouse (and a very distinctive bust of Benjamin Franklin), US*U.S. houses the work of eight Philadelphia designers. All of the original pieces shown in-store are for sale, but most of the designers work with customers to produce one-a-kind couture garments. A majority of the work is done on site or within the city, with delicate or specialized garments such an knitwear being shipped out. One of the designers, who was in the process of drafting a pattern and fitting a sample when I stopped by, was kind enough to take me down to the sewing room in the basement level of the store. The name of this co-op is meant to illustrate its goal of supporting locally based designers. The pieces you'll find are made in America, from conceptualization to creation.

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