Striped shirt - J. Crew via Net-A-Porter; Teal skirt - Urban Outfitters; Tote - H&M; Scarf - vintage Bill Blass; Patent ballet flats - Target; Gold necklace - Forever 21
One would think that finding a red striped shirt would be a rather simple feat, right? Six months ago when I initiated my hunt for a red and white Breton-striped top I would have agreed with the previously stated question, but such a top has proven to be quite an elusive creature. When I did find a shirt I liked it was usually out of my price range, because apparently there's a market for $100 t-shirts. I found this precious gem of a garment while browsing Net-a-Porter with no intention of purchasing a thing but instead weeping softly over the beautiful designer clothing that will sit in my virtual shopping bag and never be actually purchased. I think I've worn it every single week since I've received it, so even if I did pay over $100 for it I would have gotten my money's worth within a few months.

If you're an avid (or occasional) reader of East coast-based blogs, you're probably well aware of the heat wave we've been subjected to over the past month. I made the poor choice of donning this shirt to an outdoor barbecue on the fourth of July and within minutes of stepping out the door I ran back and changed into a sleeveless top I had stowed away in my suitcase. I used to think I was a Summer person, but I've developed a new appreciation for Fall as I've found myself longing to layer tights and sweaters and blouses and shirts under dresses and the list goes on and on. 

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  1. such a cute outfit dear!

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