Dress, boots - H&M / Glitter tights - Gap (2 years old) / Necklace - Forever 21
I may have committed a bit of a Christmas-time faux pas in buying this dress for myself. In my defense, I made a point to buy or make gifts for everyone else before I decided to treat myself. Well, I guess that's almost entirely true, as long as I continue to ignore the still unfinished photo album laying on my desk with its various disassembled components scattered about in a messy pile. Oh, and I still have to wrap all of my gifts. And design and make everyone's cards. Did I mention it's Christmas Eve? I hope no one will mind and/or notice if my gift presentation is a bit lacking this year. Perhaps my sparkly tights will distract them.

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  1. Love the color of blue and I like the sparkle tights with it. :)