Something Bright

Chambray shirt - Gap; skirt - Old Navy; lace up boots - thrifted; necklace - Kohl's; tights - DKNY via Marshall's
It appears I've developed a sort of formula for getting dressed, one that I can fall back on when I have 5 minutes before I have to leave for class and am standing in front of my closet in a pathetic, blank, decaffeinated stupor mumbling to myself: "What do I wear?" Sometimes my roommate is there to remind me that I have a million clothes and that I'm stupidly over-thinking things and to hurry up or I'm going to be late again and probably miss the attendance sheet. Pick out a skirt, add a button down, choose weather appropriate leg wear and shoes, then I'm good to go. When I picked up this shirt last winter I didn't even consider how versatile it would be, but it's currently my favorite thing to wear when I run out of ideas.

I also won't deny being very much inspired by this outfit. What better way to ground a hot pink skirt than with a men's-inspired button down? She nailed it. I've also paired this skirt with my beige silk blouse as a similar interpretation, and I've very seriously considering going all-out bright and pairing it with this neon yellow sweater. This outfit was also a big hit with customers at work but I think that all of the Christmas music playing in our store was just inducing a bit of holiday season giddiness. If I didn't like my job so much I'd probably be complaining a lot more about how tired my feet are and how I had to clock in at 6 in the morning to help feed the shopping frenzy. Our store also finally received a set of radios with little microphones and earpieces, which on one hand makes me feel like I'm a secret agent who's part of a covert operation and who holds entire conversations in ten-code. On the other hand I'm still getting used to hearing little voices in only one ear, so sometimes I forget to hold the button on the microphone and I end up just talking into the air. I'll get the hang of it eventually.

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