DIY Inspiration

A fringe necklace seems like a perfectly simple DIY. This tutorial demonstrates exactly how I would have done it!

(via The Sartorialist)
I've been busy with midterm projects, but as soon as I get the chance next week I'll be sure to pick up some suede (or faux suede) to get my elbow pad projects started.

This beaded collar from Free People is stunning, isn't it? Absolutely out of my price range, yes, but I'm confident I could find some way to recreate it.

Urban Outfitters
A brightly colored thrift store skirt would be the perfect candidate for an asymmetrical hem DIY. What I like most about these skirts is that you can wear them any which way, with the shorter hem in the front or off to the side.

I've never been more excited for Thanksgiving break. Some time off from school and a couple creative projects is just what I need. I know for a fact I'll be working on Black Friday (eep!), so at least I know it will be a productive break. I hope everyone else's holiday goes just as well!

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  1. I did exactly this with a thrift store skirt! It's so easy and fun. I think my next DIY though will be a tulip skirt. I love the look of it. :)