scarf $6, dress $30 - H&M; tights - Hue; boots - Bass
I can't seem to detach myself from this scarf. Each day I wear it I discover one more of its many uses, some of which include an impromptu hood to protect myself from a sudden shower, or as a shawl to tuck my hair into as a guard from winds that threaten to mess it up. This particular scarf only comes in neutral shades, so over the break I'm going to crochet one for myself in a more vibrant hue, like a bright royal blue.

I wore this on the train home Tuesday afternoon and I was reminded just exactly why I prefer this coat over the several others I own. The length is flush with the hem of most of my dresses, which not only keeps me warmer, but it prevents my skirts from being blown up! It appears that the wind blowing off of the Schuylkill is my greatest enemy as of late and I've had to take care to plan my outfits around it. Last week I even wore pants every day (and everyone I knew had something to say about it!).

So I'm currently wrapped up in a blanket in front of the fireplace, just waiting for this rain to pass. Tomorrow I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with a bunch of relatives over dinner, and then I'm up bright and early to work on Black Friday. I have work all weekend, followed by one week of regular classes, four days of final exams, and then Winter break! Best wishes to everyone celebrating this holiday weekend!


  1. You. are. adorable. and I am LOVIN your style, girl! Excited to have found you & to be following you now! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

  2. Courtney!! I love your hair so much :) it look so good short!