9th and Elm: Geometric

Lovmely necklaces courtesy of 9th & Elm
As of late, I've been nurturing a new-found interest in supporting local and independent designers. I think it all began after a lovely interview with a local soap maker for a store profile article, but I've been actively exploring the extremely creative and talented individuals who produce beautiful products right in this city. In a similar vein, 9th & Elm brings together a curated collection of independently designed and handmade goods. As with other popular flash sale sites, the product you'll find on 9th & Elm is limited in quantity and only for sale for a finite period of time.

In about a week after my order, I recieved a package with two beautiful delicate necklaces from Lovmely. One pendant is plated in 14k gold, while the other is cut out of raw brass, but I'm sure they'll layer beautifully. While I was drawn to the eclectic collection of jewelry, 9th & Elm also carries collections of clothing, housewares and personalized gifts. And you can bet they're all super adorable.

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