The Rodin

The Rodin museum re-opened its doors last year after several years of renovations. The beautiful French garden had been open to the public, but this past November marks my first time inside the small museum. Several smaller sculptures are still on display in the PMA, but most of Rodin's work sits in this tiny but beautiful building. I couldn't help but draw comparisons between the pieces I saw in the Musee d'Orsay this past summer, which holds one the original plasters of the Gates of Hell.

As per usual, my student ID gets me in for free (yay!), a perk I'm going to miss once I graduate. Because it's so small, my friend Katie and hit up several other Parkway museums on this unseasonably warm Saturday. I'm never one to complain about warm weather out of season, especially when it means I can wear one of my blazers in lieu of a proper coat. However, these warm spells are long gone, and as a matter of fact it's snowing just so lightly outside my window right now. Welcome to winter.

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