Coat - Target / Elma skirt and Lauren blouse - Club Monaco / Chelsea boots - Asos / Sloane satchel - Madewell

One of the perks of working at one my favorite stores is being able to snag a piece or two (or three...or four) during a crazy town banana pants sale. That being said, most of what I earn at work goes towards food and school things for the most part, so while in an ideal world my wardrobe would consist entirely of my store's offerings, that's very far from the truth. The point of this little side note is that I grabbed this frog print shirt during our Black Friday sale. That's right. Frog print.

As it was cold enough to warrant the slightest bit of snowfall, I was only able to keep my coat off for a minute or two before my arms started to get numb. With the streets outside my apartment still laden with snow and ice (kudos, Philadelphia Streets Dept.), the snowfall captured in these photos is comparatively minuscule. When I bought this jacket last year, I didn't think about how its color would make me stand out. After first being pulled aside by a fashion design professor who wanted to take pictures of my coat, some students in the lobby of the media arts and design college building complemented its color and told me they had "seen me around campus." Is it normal to feel weird about that? Because I do, only a little bit. Regardless of how easy I may be to spot in a crowd, I'd take this coat over a drab gray one any day.


  1. a. i wanna work at madewell too! you lucky pants. my income is from working at a tutoring center. total opposite of fashionable ha!
    b. woah, that coat. sometimes i can't believe how wonderful target is
    c. i like how you described the sale (:

    1. I actually work at Club Monaco which is JUST as bad. Our sales are pretty extraordinary, though.