It has been over a month since I've relocated to Prague and I'm still unable to find the words - or even pictures - to do this city justice. Since I surpassed the age of 7, I have not had much a of penchant for fairy tales, but traipsing through this city makes me feel like a character in a fantasy novel. For years I've been dreaming of traveling to Europe, blogging other people's photographs of cobblestone streets and admiring the towers of French Gothic cathedrals on the pages of my art history textbook. This experience has been incredibly surreal, in the most positive of ways, and thankfully it is not even halfway over.

 Despite my current state of euphoria, I've been wary of the W-curve and the waves of culture shock that tend to plague students when they go abroad. First I have to overcome the cold that has infiltrated my travel-weary and sleep-deprived body, because in all honesty I have had only a handful full nights' sleep since I have been here. Regardless of how tired I may say I am, I refuse to let myself miss an opportunity to go out. I can sleep when I'm dead, but who knows if I will ever be able to see Prague again?

I've been taking more photos than I know what to do with, so below is only a mere fraction of what I've seen so far this summer.

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