In the Hostel

One of the assignments for our photography class last month was to shoot our hostel. Our accommodations during our studies were, while adequate, far from glamorous. I don't think it's fair to complain because I really only used my room to edit photos or sleep. There was also a balcony outside our window that linked most of our rooms together. In the evening, while the sun was setting, we would all climb over our desks and onto to the stone terrace that was most likely not meant to support our weight. Breakfast was dismal, the bathroom was tiny, and wifi was only offered in the lobby. That being said, no one was ever opposed to providing me with company when I ran to grab coffee and breakfast down the street, and the lobby became a haven for social gatherings and social media. While I don't miss our dusty hostel, I definitely miss my classmates.

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  1. OH my god your photos from Prague look incredible. I just got back from studying abroad and I'm just like...ummm...no I think I need to go back now. Traveling is amazing.