Happy Accidents

I trekked down to the river bed to snap some photos of my outfit. I thought that maybe this pathway would be less populated by runners and pedestrians, but I guess it's impossible for one to avoid inquiring questions and looks while wielding a tripod and posing for no one in particular. Whenever a curious passerby asked what I was doing I simply told them I was an art student, and so they just nodded and smiled and continued on their way. Not exactly a lie, even though this has nothing to do with my design coursework...

Most of these shots are simply accidents that turned out for the better. I had to sift through a lot of shots that were out of focus or overexposed. I have a lot to learn when it comes to wielding a camera, but I know that I'll pick up some tricks as long as I stick to it.
Black lace shirt - Charlotte Russe
Pink skirt - Forever 21
Brown leather boots - thrifted
Polka-dot tights - Target

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