Dom Streater Pop-up at Knit Wit

Last Tuesday, Knit Wit and Skai Blue Media hosted a pop-up shop featuring the Spring/Summer 2014 collection of Dom Streater. The Season 12 winner of Project Runway hails from Philadelphia, so I knew this event would be perfect for the Style section. 

Dom was kind enough to answer several questions of mine for the article that will be running next week if I get my act together. A number of the attendees shopped the collection, and scarves bearing Dom's trademark prints seemed to be a big hit, as were her rain ponchos, especially considering the dreary weather.

I'm naturally rather introverted, so throwing myself into a small room full of creative people versed in the art of networking was quite the intimidating notion. I went in with the intention of being friendly, sociable, and I was prepared to network my butt off. Within a few minutes I realized that everyone here knew everyone else, and I had to find some way to fit in. What surprised me the most, however, were the number of people I had never met before who pretended to know who I was. I guess that sort of comes with the territory, doesn't it?

I was fortunate enough to speak briefly with a publicist for the event, the owner of the boutique and several other attendees who operated local businesses or agencies. When I mentioned I was a student journalist, they were more than willing to trade information, and I'm hoping to have some cool project in the works before the month is over.

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