Detail of the Week: Madewell Sloane Satchel

Some people collect bags and some people collect shoes, but I don't feel like I have a particular affinity for either. I've developed a much more utilitarian approach to my accessories and after a series of impulse purchases, I've learned the importance of investing in quality materials. This makes the most sense when it comes to bags and shoes. I use my purse every single day, and I'm especially hard on my shoes (for some reason). 

This is my second Madewell bag and I'm absolutely smitten. Last year I treated myself to the Lovelock Satchel, which is a bit larger with one more pocket. I spotted this bag in the Madewell store on Walnut St. on Black Friday, and after I checked online and saw that it was sold out I convinced my mother to let me buy it and put it away until the holidays. I secretly pulled it out of its wrapping and preemptively used it for an interview, but as soon as I got home I tucked it away until Christmas and pretended to be surprised when I opened it.

I find that I don't use the front pocket, because it's rather inconvenient to open, but it's large enough to fit a wallet, phone, keys, headphones, lip balm, pen and a small planner with room to spare. That extra room is often taken up by a packet of almonds. Just in case you were wondering.

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